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Video recordings of online conference sessions

See full references for all recorded presentations here 

The CASE Collaborative - database of cases for teaching evaluation

The CASE Collaborative is a group of 14 educators from the US, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa who are researching the use of cases to teach evaluation in formal and informal settings. The group formed through an online session with ISEE in 2018.  


Members have compiled a list of cases that may be used to teach evaluation, including those they used in their teaching, and cases solicited from colleagues, members of ISEE, and audiences of presentations at professional association conferences (e.g., American Evaluation Association in 2019).  Sources for the cases ranged from textbooks, supplemental textbooks, websites from organizations involved in evaluation (e.g., professional associations, foundations, evaluation and research firms), journals, and unpublished instructor-developed documents.  

Find the current list of cases here:

(organised by sector)


Use a case not included on the list? Contact Leanne Kallemeyn at to get it added to the collection.

Interested in creating a case?

Follow the Checklist for Writing Cases here:

Conference Proceedings Documents

ISEE 2018 Proceedings
Document coming soon
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Journal Special Issues

ISEE members have also pulled together several special issues of journals related to evaluation education over the past few years – lots of ideas for your thinking and planning about teaching evaluation. These are accessible through the library. 

Evaluation and Program Planning 


Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation 


Evaluation Journal of Australasia – double issue on Values in Evaluation 

Praxis papers provide potential case studies and examples of learning 

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